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Bird-Creek™ Bird Ponds

Bird-Creek systems are manufactured by Avian Aquatics, perhaps the most respected manufacturer of ponds and baths for birds.

Bird-Creek systems offer perhaps the ultimate in a natural looking bath that will both appeal to the birds and enhance your yard. The can attract everything from hummers to turkeys. Because the baths are shallow they are easy to install. They are also easy to maintain, usually requiring cleaning much less often than most pedestal baths because of the built-in filtration system.

Water in the pools is kept crystal clear through a very efficient gravel bed biological filtration process. This system uses a submersible pump to draw water through a bio-activated gravel bed. The filtered water is then returned to the pond via a waterfall which provides aeration and a pleasing sound. The pumps provided are energy efficient, magnetic drive design that cost only pennies a day to operate.

Each unit comes with detained installation, maintenance and troubleshooting information.

Larger systems are also available.

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